Moving Images Forward


Cortex 3.0

Beyond Dailies

New for 2016

Building on a comprehensive dailies package, CORTEX 3.0 adds:

  • Dead Pixel Detection and Correction
  • IMF Package Creation - for Netflix and Sony delivery
  • AS02 Package Creation - for HBO delivery
  • MTl/Samsung UpRes
  • Dolby Vision Decoding/Encoding/Metadata Editing
  • Edit Tool Capabilities including EDL Conform
  • ACES Support


  • Extended Project Manager with new Find function
  • Archive function in Copy Tool with detailed report
  • Improved performance via multiple GPU support
  • Color Trace
  • Full Screen Sync Tool
  • Full Screen QA Tool


A Step Forward in Digital Film Restoration

DRS™NOVA is a full suite of automated and manual tools to fix everything from common dirt and scratches to catastrophic tears and warps. MTI Film has spent 20 years perfecting our application to include powerful tools that work the way restorations artists want - simply and efficiently.

  • DRS™ -- Improved!
  • AutoFilter
  • Scratch
  • Paint
  • Add Grain
  • Reduce Grain
  • Project Management
  • 3 Layer Registration
  • Stabilize & Dewarp -- Improved!
  • Color Breathing -- Improved!
  • Color Bump -- New!
  • Image Filter


MTI Film is a full service post production facility providing high quality dailies, editorial, visual effects, color correction and assembly for film, television and commercial projects in HD and 4K.

MTI Film provides high-quality digital film restoration services to studios and libraries who need pristine quality work delivered on time and on budget.