CORTEX and DRS™NOVA run on Windows 7 or Windows 10.  CORTEX utilizes one or more NVidia GPUs.

US Patent No. 10,229,481 and 10,349,097

The CORTEX software family of products provide high quality, powerful and secure workflow solutions for on set and post production.

The Tools include:

Copy & Archive

  • Copy files from multiple sources to up to three targets with MD5 checksums.


  • Color with ASC primary and MTI secondary correction with keyframe windowing and multiple still stores, built in waveform with IRE, Code Values and NITS scaling, vectorscope adaptable to any color space, and Color Gamut Diagram.
  • Use CORTEX color space transforms, create or import industry standard LUTS, CDLs, and Stills.
  • Use the Color Tool to create Level 1 Dolby Vision metadata, define settings for MTI/Samsung upres, and work in ACES if desired.


  • Fast and simple syncing with both automatic and manual methods.


  • Create custom compositions via traditional 3 point and drag-and-drop editing.
  • Use the Edit Tool to create compositions for IMF delivery for Netflix, Fox, Dolby Vision, Sony, AS-02 for HBO, and unencrypted DCPs.
  • Reposition, extend, or shorten subtitles.
  • ProRes Insert Editing


  • Automatically find and repair dead pixels.
  • Generate graphs with statistics for IRE, Code Values, NITS, MaxFall and MaxCLL values.
  • Monitor playback performance for disk access, FPS, and decoding metrics.
  • Validate IMF packages via Photon.
  • Add QC comments to a timeline composition and generate a report.


  • Monitor background rendering of deliverables with progress reporting.

DRS™NOVA is a full suite of automated and manual tools to fix everything from common dust and dirt to catastrophic tears and warps.

The Tools include:


  • Use either Global or Zonal regions to reduce density and color flicker due to film emulsion fading.

Stabilize & Dewarp

  • Repair jitter, gate weave, splice bumps and other types of geometric distortion.

Grain - Add

  • Create custom grain patterns and apply selectively with a paint brush or universally across a range of frames.

Grain - Reduce

  • Smooth out grainy or noisy images.


  • Apply aperture correction or blurring.


  • Industry leading manual tool for fixing dust, debris, scratches, and tears. Repair color bumps, and replace missing frames.


  • Repair fleeting and persistent scratches.


  • Paint from the same or another clip for fixes.
  • Use Paint brush to restore original values.


  • Automatically detect and repair dust and defects across a range of frames with controls for minimum and maximum size.  
  • Use a mask to include or exclude regions.

3 Layer Registration

  • Realign mis-registered RGB layers, including individual channel warping.