Cortex v5 – In the Cloud

powered by StratusCore

CORTEX v5 is now available in StratusCore’s Virtual Studio, a secure cloud-based virtual content creation platform, giving you the freedom to have a cost-effective, scalable and nimble way to access CORTEX v5 on-demand for the amount of time you need without the hardware investment.

Project-Based CORTEX In the Cloud

Now it’s simple for any-sized project to gain the power of CORTEX v5. Instantly scale the number of CORTEX v5 workstations up and down as needed for immediate project needs. The only thing you need is a standard-issue laptop to access the full power of CORTEX v5. Because files remain secure in the private cloud, colleagues in different locations can log in and instantly access them for reviewing and editing

Now in the Private Cloud:

✓    Dailies
✓    Transcoding
✓    Upres to HD/UHD/4k
✓    Dead Pixel Detection/Correction
✓    IMF, Dolby Vision, and DCP packaging
✓    And so much more

CORTEX v5 In the Cloud - Great for Dailies and Finishing

Whether you’re on set or in post, CORTEX v5 in the Cloud has you covered. The same functionality available on a local machine is at the fingertips of any of the project members from their laptop.

CORTEX v5 Trials – Now as easy as logging In!

Do you want to better understand if CORTEX v5 can help make your set-to-screen process sing? Now you can easily test and use CORTEX v5 by just logging into a browser-based workstation. With the CORTEX in the Cloud, you can test all of the functionality without the need to add infrastructure.


Cloud-based CORTEX Finishing

A Pre-Built Secure Collaboration System Supporting CORTEX Dailies


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