Control Dailies
CORTEX Dailies

One year support included

CORTEX Dailies
Enterprise Edition

One year support included


Optional add-on


Optional add-on

iPad Streaming

Optional add-on

Suggested retail pricing shown in USD and subject to change

Play It All

  • Play and mix all major professional cameras in real time
  • Full control of codec-specific processing for all cameras
  • Common formats from editorial and finishing
  • Support for DVS and AJA cards for professional monitoring

Work Fast. Very Fast.

  • Transcode in the background while you work
  • Faster than real time GPU-accelerated processing
  • Support for multiple GPUs and CPUs
  • Keyboard shortcuts and custom keyboard available

Color Your Way

  • Set looks using Printer Lights or Lift, Gamma, Gain
  • ACES transform and LUT import for color management
  • Export stills and ASC CDL metadata for use downstream
  • Support for Tangent Wave, Element, and Precision panels

Sync Audio Precisely

  • Auto-sync audio with matching timecode
  • Sync precisely with clap detection and sub-frame slipping
  • Manually move picture or audio independently

Scale Up With Enterprise

  • Link multiple systems in a shared environment
  • Users can collaborate simultaneously on projects
  • Add render-only nodes for extra processing power