Control Dailies
CORTEX Dailies

One year support included

CORTEX Dailies
Enterprise Edition

One year support included


Optional add-on


Optional add-on

iPad Streaming

Optional add-on

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Play It All

  • Play and mix all major professional cameras in real time
  • Full control of codec-specific processing for all cameras
  • Common formats from editorial and finishing
  • Support for DVS and AJA cards for professional monitoring

Work Fast. Very Fast.

  • Transcode in the background while you work
  • Faster than real time GPU-accelerated processing
  • Support for multiple GPUs and CPUs
  • Keyboard shortcuts and custom keyboard available

Color Your Way

  • Set looks using Printer Lights or Lift, Gamma, Gain
  • ACES transform and LUT import for color management
  • Export stills and ASC CDL metadata for use downstream
  • Support for Tangent Wave, Element, and Precision panels

Sync Audio Precisely

  • Auto-sync audio with matching timecode
  • Sync precisely with clap detection and sub-frame slipping
  • Manually move picture or audio independently

Scale Up With Enterprise

  • Link multiple systems in a shared environment
  • Users can collaborate simultaneously on projects
  • Add render-only nodes for extra processing power

Work Faster with the Cortex Keyboard

Work even faster with the dedicated CORTEX Dailies keyboard! Learn the shortcuts that will speed up your workflow quickly and always have a reference right in front of you! High quality custom LogicKeyboard with optional USB light attachment (included). Contact us to get yours today!