Everything you need on set in one simple package

CORTEX D I T provides a simple, powerful and secure toolset to ensure D I Ts can meet all the needs of the DP, production, and post.

Playback all Camera Formats
Play all popular camera files with access to modify all playback properties

Copy & Verify
Copy files from multiple camera mags to up to three targets in the background with MD5 checksums

Generate and apply color via LUTs, CDLs, Stills, and tactile panels. ASC compliant with ACES support

Universal Color Export/Import
Export/import color decisions via industry standard CDL and LUT formats.

Dead Pixel Detection
Early warning for production when a camera sensor has a fault

Fast and simple syncing with both automatic and manual modes

CORTEX Manifest Data Tracking
Pass on all color, checksum and other session metadata to other Cortex systems in a single file for complete fidelity and file auditing

HD-SDI and HDMI output
For professional monitoring up to 4K



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In Depth

Copy | Archive | Verify

Copy media to up to three destinations simultaneously, all in the background so you can continue to work in CORTEX. Full MD5 checksum generated and verified for each copy/archive.  Includes support for latest ARRI RAW MXF.



Full ASC CDL primary color correction available via panels, GUI controls, and keyb oard shortcuts. ACES support for universal translation and reproduction of color decisions.

Import looks created via any third party LUT or CDL, or from other CORTEX Systems with a CORTEX Manifest.

Save looks for reuse across multiple days with Still Stores. CORTEX includes easy search, save and recall options to keep things quick and simple.

Keep color consistent downstream in any application with export via industry standard LUT, CDL, ALE and XML files.  Export the CORTEX Manifest to pass on all color, checksum and other session metadata to other CORTEX systems in a single file for complete fidelity and file auditing


Dead Pixel Detection

Early warning on-set for faults in camera sensors.  Share the dead pixel list with Post for automatic correction in CORTEX Enterprise.


CORTEX Manifest: Track Media and Metadata

In addition to checksums, CORTEX generates a Manifest file to track all media brought into the system, including files, checksums, LUTs, color decisions, comments & notes and more.

The Manifest can be sent to another CORTEX system and used to verify that all media is accounted and valid, and all color decisions and notes from the set are duplicated exactly in the post system.


Work Together - Export/Import

Additional color and sync decisions made during dailies can be carried round trip, back to the set so that DITs and DPs can have two-way communication with Post.