CORTEX Editions At A Glance

Features DIT DIT+ Dailies Enterprise QC
Permanent License FREE N/A $6,995 $14,995 N/A
Annual License N/A $795 N/A N/A $2995
Monthly License N/A $95 $585 $1,095 N/A
Project Manager / Deliverables Templates
Playback All Camera & Codec Formats n/a1 2
SDI & HDMI Output up to 4K with Dolby Vision Tunneling
Background Transcoding/Rendering (see notes 3, 4 & 5) 3 4 5
Copy & Archive Tool with MD5 Checksum or xxHash*
Color Tool - Color Correction with ASC CDL / ACES Support
Color Tool - Universal Color LUTs Export/Import
Color Tool - Hybrid View with Edit Timeline or Sync Tool
Color Tool - Dolby Vision Level 1 Analysis/Metadata/Software CMU**        
Color Space Conversions
Color Gamut Diagram
Color Trace    
Sync Tool - Automatic / Manual
Cortex Manifest Data Tracking
Traceback Media and Metadata    
VFX / EDL Pulls    
Edit Tool - Edit Functions, Slates, EDL Conform     6
Edit Tool – IMF, AS02, DCP Creation/Packaging       6
Edit Tool - Dolby Vision IMF and Metadata Editing**       6
Edit Tool - ProRes Insert Editing       6
QA Tool - Dead Pixel Detection 7 7
QA Tool - Dead Pixel Correction        
QA Tool - HDR & SDR Scopes / Color Gamut Diagram      
QA Tool - Video Analysis with Graphs and Reports      
QA Tool - Editorial Comments pinned to Timeline with Report      
MTI – Samsung UpRes      
Loudness Monitoring (Q4 2019)      
Photosensitiviy Epilepsy Test (Q4 2019)      
Cortex Share for Multiple Users      
Annual Upgrades and Maintenance N/A N/A $1,995 $3,995 N/A
Options N/A N/A Dailies Enterprise QC
Dolby Vision - Level 1 Analysis / Metadata Editing / Software CMU** $3,995
DVD - Automatically Authored $995 $995
Blu-ray - Automatically Authored $1,995 $1,995
HEVC $750 $750 $750
Annual CORTEX 24-Hour Site Support $6,995 $6,995
  1. D I T is not licensed to read H.264, DVCPro/HD or MPEG2 codecs.

  2. D I T+ is not licensed to read DVCPro/HD or MPEG2.

  3. D I T is for playback only and does not provide encoding

  4. D I T+ encodes ProRes, DnxHD, and H.264 up to 1920 x 1080

  5. QC optionally encodes to ProRes Proxy

  6. QC can create the package but not render it

  7. D I T and D I T+ detect dead pixels on source clips only, not compositions with edits

* The Copy/Archive tool supports up to 3 destinations including LTFS LTO with MD5 Checksum or XXHash and multiple reports.

** Available with MTI's Dolby Vision Option. 

Features, options and prices subject to change. Hardware not included. CORTEX Editions run on Professional Windows 7 and Windows 10.

US Patent No 10,229,481 and 10,349,097