CORTEX Enterprise  

Dead Pixel Correction  |  IMF, AS-02, DCP & Dolby Vision deliveries  |   MTI HQ & MTI-Samsung Upres

CORTEX Enterprise is a complete workflow solution with tools for every step in post.  Media is tracked and verified from initial offload all the way through pulls for VFX and assemblies, making every step along the way simple and secure. The core dailies features of Color, Sync, and background Transcoding are easy to learn and tuned for maximum efficiency on even the tightest schedules. The CORTEX Manifest ensures complete fidelity across workstations and locations. CORTEX's powerful and flexible transcoding engine can go beyond dailies to generate outputs for review, promo, VFX, and formats for delivery to multiple platforms. CORTEX Enterprise adds Dead Pixel Correction, IMF, DCP, AS-02, and Dolby Vision deliveries, and MTI-Samsung Upres, the industry's leading resizing algorithm. 

Playback all Camera Formats
Play all popular camera files with access to modify all playback properties

Copy & Archive
Copy files from multiple camera mags to up to three targets in the background with MD5 checksums

Generate and apply color via LUTs, CDLs, Stills, and panels. ASC compliant with ACES support

Universal Color Export/Import
Export/import color decisions via industry standard CDL and LUT formats.

Fast and simple syncing with both automatic and manual methods

Timeline Editing - Enhanced for v4
Create custom compositions via timeline editing with traditional and drag-and-drop editorial functions. Import CMX 3600 EDLs to trace and assemble footage existing in CORTEX or relink to media found on storage.  Great for file auditing with report of missing media and VFX, and EDL gaps.

Import CMX 3600 EDLs and automate collection of original camera files found in the CORTEX database for VFX delivery as copies or rendering to new file formats.

Color Trace
Import CMX 3600 EDLs to trace color decisions made in dailies and generate an EDL with traced color ready for import to your color system.

IMF, DCP, and AS-02 Package Creation
Generate outputs formatted for delivery to platforms such as Netflix, HBO, and Sony.  Easy and intuitive DCP packaging for cinema viewing.

Dolby Vision Delivery - Option
Create a Dolby Vision Jpeg2k deliverable using CORTEX’S Edit Tool.  Edit media and corresponding Dolby Vision XML with synchronized edits between the media and the Dolby XML.

Dead Pixel Detection and Correction
Automatically find and repair dead pixels through interactive QA tool.

Transcode with Background Rendering
Render to hundreds of different format and codec configurations in the background while you work.

MTI HQ and MTI-Samsung UpRes to 4k & Beyond
Resolution Independent Up or down resizing with industry leading algorithm, MTI HQ and MTI-Samsung.  Bringing UHD quality to HD content.

CORTEX Manifest Data Tracking
Pass on all color, checksum and other session metadata in a single file for complete fidelity to other CORTEX systems

CORTEX Share Networking
Share projects and jobs across multiple workstations for distributed workflow and rendering

HD-SDI and HDMI output
For professional monitoring up to 4K

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  • Dolby Vision Delivery – $3,995
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  • HEVC – $750

In Depth

Copy | Archive | Verify

Whether near-set or in a post house, the integrated Copy Tool provides comprehensive support for media management. Copy incoming media from multiple cards, drives or shared storage to up the three targets simultaneously. Automatically verify files with MD5 checksums. Copy and verification happens in the background so you can color, sync and transcode at the same time.

Track and trace media throughout post with EDL pulls for VFX, assemblies and other deliveries.  Easily consolidate media from EDLs, Manifests or any other grouping onto a new drive or storage location.



Color quickly and consistently, whatever your workflow may be.

Imported looks created on-set or in pre-production via any third party 3D LUT, CDL or a CORTEX Manifest.

Full ASC CDL primary color correction available via tactile panels, GUI controls, and keyboard shortcuts. Fully ACES compliant for universal translation and reproduction of color decisions.

Save looks for reuse across multiple days with Still Stores. CORTEX includes easy search, save and recall options to keep things quick and simple.

Keep color consistent downstream in any application with export via industry standard LUT, CDL, ALE and XML files.



Automatic and manual syncing options, including intelligent auto-sync functionality for fast work even on difficult jobs. The Detect Clap feature automatically finds the peak clap audio and refines sync to sub-frame accuracy.

CORTEX automatically pulls and merges camera, scene, take, and sound roll metadata to cut down on manual data entry.  All metadata is editable individually or as batches to ensure full accuracy



 Create custom compositions via timeline editing with overwrite, insert, lift and extract functions. Import CMX 3600 EDLs for continuity assemblies of files found through the CORTEX database or relinking to media found on storage.  Great for file auditing with report of missing media and VFX, and EDL gaps. 


Custom Outputs and Presets

Define your deliverables presets once at the start of production - including individual custom burn-ins and framing - for each of your editorial and review deliverables. CORTEX automatically reads these settings, updating all relevant metadata, for accurate, consistent results… all while rendering in the background for maximum efficiency.

Full support for 4K/UHD pipelines, including ProRes XQ and DNxHR.


Dead Pixel Detection

Spot dead pixels at any stage of post...automatically.  Remove the uncertainty that dead pixels have been missed.  The detection and operational process can be run on OCN or assembled masters using a corresponding EDL or automatic shot detection.


Dead Pixel Correction

After dead pixel detection, enable this exclusive feature of CORTEX Enterprise for deliverables to repair dead pixels. The correction happens automatically during the transcoding step, adding virtually no time to the process.


IMF and AS02 Support

Generate high quality IMF deliverables fully packaged for streaming services like Netflix and Sony, and AS02 delivery for HBO.


CORTEX Manifest - Track Media and Metadata

In addition to checksums, CORTEX generates a Manifest file to track all elements brought into the system, including files, checksums, LUTs, sync & color decisions, comments & notes and more.

The Manifest can be sent to another CORTEX system and used to verify that all media is accounted and valid, and all color decisions and notes from the set are duplicated exactly in the post system.



Dolby Vision Delivery

Create a Dolby Vision Jpeg2k deliverable using CORTEX’S Edit Tool.  Edit media and its corresponding Dolby Vision XML into an IMF composition with the ability to make synchronized edits between the media and the Dolby XML.  For versioning, you can edit a Dolby MXF file into a composition and copy XML metadata from the MXF to segments of new media located on a second video track; then render a Jpeg2k complete with new media segments integrated with corresponding Dolby XML metadata.


MTI-Samsung Upres

World class algorithm brings UHD quality to HD content.  MTI/Samsung Upres is unique to CORTEX and has been used by major Hollywood studios to create UHD deliveries from HD origination content.