A Step Forward in Digital Film Restoration

DRS™NOVA is a full suite of automated and manual tools to fix everything from common dust and dirt to catastrophic tears and warps. MTI Film has spent 20 years refining and perfecting our application to include powerful tools that work the way restoration artists want - simply and efficiently.

Project Management
Powerful tools to manage your project and media

DRS Improved!
The original unique digital film restoration algorithm fixes dust, debris, scratches, tears and more

DRS™ Color Bump – New!
Fix laboratory printer mis-lites with a single swipe

DRS Replace – New!  Due in August
Create up to 3 frames from adjoining frames

DRS Color– New!  Due in August
Ability to change color of fix created in DRS™ tool

Repair fleeting and persistent scratches

The Paint tool offers versatility for manual fixes from dust and debris to film tears and gate hairs

Paint Restore – New! Due in August
Paint from one clip to another to restore original values.

Automatically detect and repair dust and defects across a range of frames.

AutoClean Option – Coming Soon! 
A revolutionary method to automatically remove dirt and debris.

Version Export – New!  Due in August
Export modified version files created from source files with all modified and non modified source frames included, thereby preserving original source frames intact

3 Layer Registration
Realign mis-registered RGB layers, including individual channel warping

Color Breathing – Improved!
Reduce density and color shifts to eliminate color breathing and density flicker due to film emulsion fading

Deflicker – New!  Due in January 2018
Eliminate zonal flicker with a simple to use interface

Stabilize & DewarpImproved!
Repair jitter, gate weave, splice bumps and any other type of geometric distortion

Add Grain 
Create custom grain patterns and apply
selectively or universally across a range of frames

Reduce Grain 
Smooth out grainy or noisy images

Apply aperture correction or blurring

Performance - Improved!
DPX, TIFF, EXR playback performance improved

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In Depth

DRS Nova tool paletter

Targeted and Versatile Tools

Specialized tools like Scratch, Dewarp, and 3 Layer help you tackle specific problems simply and easily with automated efficiency.  Multi-purpose tools like DRS™ and Paint give you the power and flexibility to fix everything from standard dust and debris to gate hairs and film tears for pristine results.

Aging of the film can result in one or more emulsion layers to fade. This results in what we refer to as “color breathing”. Also, overall frame density can vary based on aging, which results in “flicker”. The Color/Flicker tool is designed to eliminate fluctuations in both color and density for old or damaged color and black and white films.

Color Bump is used to correct printer-lite timing errors where the change in color values between shots created a “lag” or “bump”, manifested as a gradient of luminance and/or color.

Backed by World Class R&D

Our team of developers is made up of image specialists, many of whom have advanced degrees in applied mathematics.  We are constantly researching better, faster and simpler solutions to the problems faced by restoration artists.

With two decades of experience in digital film restoration, our strong ties to the community give us unique insight into the common - and uncommon - problems faced by libraries, studios and archives. 

MTI's scientific knowledge and expertise in restoration combine to create a unique and powerful toolset that is still evolving every year.


Project Management Tools

Easily organize media for simple and complex projects, including grouping files by reel and automatically saving project settings. Create and manage versions of clips for non-destructive testing of full frame fixes.

DRS™NOVA automatically generates PixelStax™ history files for easy undo, even after archiving and restoring a project or when sharing a project between locations or facilities.