A Step Forward in Digital Film Restoration

DRS™NOVA is a full suite of automated and manual tools to fix everything from common dust and dirt to catastrophic tears and warps. MTI Film has spent 20 years refining and perfecting our application to include powerful tools that work the way restoration artists want - simply and efficiently. DRS™NOVA runs on Windows 7 or Windows 10.


Project Management
Powerful tools to manage your project and media

DRS™ – Improved!
The Original unique digital film restoration algorithm fixes dust, debris, scratches, tears and more.

DRS™ Color Bump – New!
Fix laboratory printer mis-lites with a single swipe

DRS™ Replace – New!
Create up to 3 frames from adjoining frames

DRS™ Color – New!
Ability to change color of fix created in DRS tool

Color Breathing – Improved!
Reduce density and color shifts to eliminate color breathing and densitu flicker due to film emulsion fading

Stabilize & Dewarp – Improved!
Repair jitter, gate weave, splice bumps and any other type of geometric distortion

Paint Restore – New!
Paint from one clip to another to restore original values.

The Paint tool offers versatility for manual fixes from dust and debris to film tears and gate hairs

Deflicker – New!
Eliminate zonal flicker with a simple to use interface

Performance – Improved!
DPX, TIFF, EXR playback performance improved

Split Screen Mode – New!
Compare two different clips with a split screen controlled by mouse gesture

Mask – Improved!
New visual feedback for border width and position

Automatically detect and repair dust and defects across a range of frames

Repair fleeting and persistent scratches

Add Grain
Create custom grain patterns and apply selectively or universally across a range of frames

Reduce Grain
Smooth out grainy or noisy images

Apply aperture correction or blurring

3 Layer Registration
Realign mis-registered RGB layers, including individual channel warping

Version Export – New!
Export modified version files created from source files with all modified and non modified source frames included, thereby preserving original source frames intact

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DRS™NOVA v4 will be available after NAB 2018.
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