HTV purchases "Control Dailies"

Providence, RI - January 31, 2005 - MTIFilm announces that High Technology Video (HTV) in Hollywood has purchased Control Dailies. The PC based frame-accurate calibrated telecine and audio control environment streamlines telecine operations during the dailies process allowing film to be transferred faster than real time at 30fps. Installation has begun and the new system will be on line later this month.

HTV will immediately begin using the system for several dailies projects in the next few months. "We've purchased Control Dailies to help streamline our workflow and anticipate it will be an enormous asset in managing our dailies operation," remarks HTV CEO Jim Hardy.

Control Dailies was created to allow a colorist to focus full attention on making the dailies look the way the DP wants instead of spending time collecting metadata, synchronizing telecine with an audio deck, and laying off to multiple videotape formats. The collection of metadata has been moved from the telecine suite to an inexpensive audio room where logging of audio files with all metadata is faster than real time. Transferring at 30 fps, the colorist simply locates the slate on all the circle takes that were previously logged by the assistant, colors the scene, and presses one button to record to disc. All processes can take place concurrently including audio logging, film ingest, quality assurance and layoff to multiple tapes with independent play lists.These efficiencies drastically reduce the time spent in the telecine suite and make Control Dailies an inexpensive gateway to a full digital intermediate environment.

The first release targets broadcast dailies and the company expects to show the forthcoming data (2K and 4K) version at NAB. "This is a very flexible system," remarks Pat Howley , director of sales at MTI Film . "A facility using Control Dailies can tell its clients to shoot any way they wish, because it easily adapts to different applications and work flow."