MTI Film helps Criterion rescue Angel

Providence, RI - October 24, 2005 - MTI Film announces it provided critical restoration services for The Criterion Collection's HD DVD transfer of "An Angel at My Table."

During the recent director-approved hi-def DVD transfer of Jane Campion's "An Angel at My Table," The Criterion Collection utilized MTI's CORRECT digital restoration process to treat thousands of instances of dirt, debris and scratches to restore the award-winning film to its original pristine condition.

While the in-house team at Criterion regularly makes use of CORRECT in their restoration work, an especially difficult fix and a looming deadline necessitated a call to MTI's DRS team for an assist. Criterion discovered that during the printing of a B roll, the negative had suffered severe damage when it jumped in the printer gate. The resulting film abrasion reproduced on the trial print as a fuzzy brown spot that appeared in every other shot on the B roll.

"Criterion had come up with a manual process to restore the shot, but it was very time-consuming and with the deadline approaching, they asked us to pitch in and do some of the work and/or come up with a faster process," says MTI's Amy Hawthorne. "What made it particularly difficult, was that the spot was all in the character's red hair and the film was fairly grainy, so every single fix had to be absolutely perfect or it stood out very noticeably."

Hawthorne, along with MTI's DRS expert Lisa Eklund, quickly stepped up to provide the needed services - even Karen Seiler, MTI president lent a hand on a few frames. Though the project didn't require anything technically extraordinary, the MTI team felt they made exceptional use of CORRECT's DRS overrides. "These are like parameters that can be tweaked on each individual manual fix to make it perfect," Hawthorne explains. "I also used DRS in combination with Image Filter - our sharpen/blur tool - to keep the grain structure intact. Although many of our clients are looking for the tools to be as automatic as possible, I think this illustrates our range in that regard. We have a lot of automatic or semi-automatic tools that do a very good job on their own, but we provide the flexibility to allow operators and artists to have complete control when they want it."

The Criterion Collection's Lee Kline, affirms the products proficiency and ease of operation: "We make extensive use of CORRECT in our restoration efforts," he states. "We like the control it gives us over the final product and the high quality of the result we can generate."