MTI Film to unveil 2K Control Dailies at NAB

Correct DRS V.5 Digital Restoration Software Premieres

Hollywood, CA - March 22, 2006 — MTI Film will unveil the newly developed 2K version of its successful Control Dailies system at the 2006 NAB Show in Las Vegas. For its award winning CORRECT DRS, the worlds leading image restoration software, MTI will debut its latest release, Version 5.0, which features new tools as well as many enhancements to the current toolset.

Control Dailies 2K provides for generation and resizing of DPX 2K files to HD and SD and will feature Control COLOR, a fully integrated primary color corrector with built-in Still Store co-developed with Silicon Color, creators of Final Touch. "We believe we have conceived the perfect workflow for DI dailies", says MTI CEO Larry Chernoff, "and based upon conversations we've had in the film community, there seems to be wide agreement."

Whether working from film, 2K DPX files, or digitally acquired media Control Dailies is an image and audio control environment that accelerates the delivery of motion picture dailies, facilitating faster than real-time image transfer and audio ingest, complete metadata collection, post synchronization in SD and HD resolutions, and output to various deliverables.

CORRECT DRS™ V.5, (Digital Restoration System) offers users new tools as well as many upgrades to the current toolset. Version 5 promises to satisfy customer demand for diverse and powerful tools that elevate the art of film and video restoration to yet another level. "Version 5 demonstrates MTI's intense commitment to the restoration segment of our industry. We've received very positive feedback from our beta sites and feel confident that all our customers will be favorably impressed with the new release", says Product Manager David McClure.

CORRECT DRS™ V.5 offers new features to make restoration and finishing jobs easier and more efficient:

  • Record to Image Files
  • (DPX)
  • 3 Layer Dirt Detection
  • Save & Reuse Custom LUTs
  • Solo Channel (RGB/grey) Monitor
  • Dewarp Plug In (option)
  • Alpha Filter Plug In (option)
  • Plug In Speed Enhancements
  • Clip to Clip Rendering
  • Bin/Clip Rename & Drag & Drop
  • New Recording Console
  • Improved Cut Detection
  • Reticles
  • DRS Override Shortcuts
  • Pan Constraints Most Recently,

  • FotoKem used CORRECT DRST to restore the classical film South Pacific. CORRECT DRST minimized flickering; dust busted all the files and removed imperfections like splice lines. CORRECT DRST was also used in the restoration process of the original 1933 King Kong to remove scratches and dirt from the original film.