MTI Film announces purchase from the IBC 2006 show floor

Deluxe | Postproduction Toronto to Install Control Dailies

Amsterdam, NL - September 8, 2006 - MTI Film announces today from the IBC 2006 show floor that Deluxe Toronto purchased Control Dailies. Bill Varley, Vice President of Engineering at Deluxe | Postproduction states, "In a colour correction suite, the transfer ratio of film-to-tape is always being monitored to find greater efficiencies. Deluxe | Postproduction already transfers more film dailies than any other company in Toronto. Utilizing the MTI Control Dailies Technology, we will be able to transfer large amounts of film in a more efficient manner, therefore fulfilling our most demanding client's needs."

Deluxe | Postproduction's center in Toronto is equipped with the latest digital technologies and award winning staff.

Control Dailies is a PC based telecine and audio control environment that accelerates the delivery of motion picture dailies, facilitating faster than real-time image transfer and audio ingest, complete metadata collection, post synchronization in SD and HD resolutions, and output to various deliverables.

"We are delighted the Deluxe Toronto team has adopted Control Dailies for its telecine operations, recognizing the significant contribution it can make to their quality and efficiency", states Linda White, Director of Sales and Marketing for MTI Film. "We're appreciative of the contribution our newly appointed Canadian reseller, Lor-tech Systems Group, made in communicating the benefits of Control Dailies, ultimately driving Deluxe's purchase decision."

Making its appearance for the first time is CONVEY, a companion application to Control Dailies, providing file based deliverables from media ingested by the Control Dailies system. CONVEY is designed to provide multiple format file deliveries. Initially CONVEY will facilitate automated, fully authored DVD deliveries. Future file formats will include MXF, DnxHD, Windows Media 9, and AVI.

Control Dailies 2K will also be debuting at IBC. The newly developed version provides for generation and resizing of DPX 2K files to HD and SD and will feature Control COLOR, a fully integrated primary color corrector with built-in Still Store.