FotoKem Takes Control...Dailies

Hollywood Facility Seeks to Double Scanning and Transfer Capacity

Providence, RI - April 15, 2007 - MTI Film today announces that FotoKem has purchased Control Dailies. The award-winning product is a shared image and audio control environment that streamlines dailies transfers for film and digital acquisition projects. The new system will be operational by early May. FotoKem plans to use Control Dailies for both feature film and episodic television projects.

FotoKem joins a growing list of world-class facilities that have embraced Control Dailies for dailies transfers. "FotoKem is one of the great names in Hollywood post production, and so it is with great pride and satisfaction that we strengthen our existing relationship through its purchase of Control Dailies," said MTI Film CEO Larry Chernoff. "We look forward to collaborating with FotoKem on making its dailies operations as efficient as possible and providing its clients with state-of-the art service."

FotoKem chose Control Dailies as a means of dramatically increasing its dailies transfer and scanning capacity. "We are always looking for ways to increase our efficiency in telecine in order to keep pace with growing demand from our film and television clients," explained FotoKem Senior Vice President of Technology Paul Chapman. "Control Dailies enables us to increase capacity by as much as twofold without adding additional film scanning systems."

Additionally, Control Dailies positions FotoKem for the future as film and television productions increasingly rely on digital acquisition. The facility expects to be an early adopter of MTI Film's new companion product to Control Dailies, CONVEY, which provides file-based deliverables from ingested media.

Control Dailies with CONVEY will add important flexibility to FotoKem's dailies workflow. "We are very impressed with Control Dailies' ability to lay off multiple elements at one time" said Rand Gladden, FotoKem's Senior Vice President. "In conjunction with CONVEY, the system will allow us to encode for Avid and FinalCut Pro, as well as for DVD and Windows Media 9. The ability to do all that in one path is a significant improvement."

"We are very excited by the concept of CONVEY," noted Chapman. "We have been engineering our own solutions to address aspects of this issue and are delighted that MTI Film has come up with a comprehensive, unified approach."

MTI Film plans to show CONVEY at NAB 2007.