MTI Film Announces Strategic Alliances with Avid, EFILM, DVS, DataDirect Networks, and Quantel

Las Vegas, NV - April 15, 2007 - MTI Film is pleased to announce multiple strategic alliances and integration certifications with Avid, EFILM, DVS, DataDirect Networks, and Quantel this year at the National Association of Broadcasters conference. These alliances create greater flexibility and integration opportunities when utilizing Control Dailies and its new sister application CONVEY, and Correct DRS™ Version 6.

MTI Film now has three certified providers of SAN (storage area network) technology that fully integrate with MTI Film's award-winning Control Dailies system. Strategic alliances with Bright Systems, DVS, and DataDirect Networks enable Control Dailies customers to create custom applications that capitalize on each SAN provider's unique combination of hardware, software and integration services.

EFILM partnered with MTI to use Control Dailies as a key component in their new and innovative dailies workflow. According to Joe Matza, EFILM president, "our new CinemaScan Dailies process will deliver a number of groundbreaking innovations to our workflow, and Control Dailies is a critical component. MTI Film not only understood our requirements but also contributed to the solution".

Control Dailies is an image and audio control solution that facilitates faster than real-time image transfer and audio ingest, metadata collection, post synchronization in SD and HD resolutions, and output to multiple file formats and deliverables for the delivery of motion picture dailies.

Quantel has partnered with MTI Film to create a solution that enables file sharing between CORRECT DRS™, (Digital Restoration System) and Quantel's flexible, collaborative post and DI environments utilizing the DPX format. CORRECT DRS™ is used in digital film restoration and digital film finishing, correcting a wide variety of imperfections and restoring them to their original pristine condition. "Quantel's industry leadership has been evident for many years. Our partnership means that CORRECT DRS™ can now work directly in any Quantel DI suite, satisfying client requests from both companies", says Linda White, MTI Film's Director of Sales.

Avid DNxHD® technology has been licensed by MTI Film for use with CONVEY for Control Dailies. CONVEY, debuting at NAB 2007, is a sister application to Control Dailies that facilitates file based deliverables for the cutting and screening rooms. "Providing the cutting room with Avid DNxHD® files for editing directly out of the dailies environment will bring even greater efficiency to the editorial process, which is the goal of Control Dailies and CONVEY. MTI Film is committed to integrating the Avid DNxHD® codec into it's CONVEY product by the fourth quarter", states Ms. White.