MTI Film and ARRI to Demonstrate New 2K Dailies Workflow at NAB

Breakthrough File-Based Workflow Delivers Improved Productivity, Image Quality

Providence, RI - March 13, 2008 - At the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters Convention, MTI Film, ARRI, and Pandora International plan to conduct a joint demonstration of a never-before-seen 2K dailies workflow that promises to set a new standard for throughput and quality. The demonstration will be conducted at the Arri booth, C7428.

In the demonstration, an Arriscan Film Scanner will be used to scan 35mm film to 2K DPX files and record them to a SAN. As each camera roll's take is scanned, Pandora's YoYo non-linear data management technology will generate a real-time HD 4:4:4 stream for color correction via a Pandora Revolution color corrector. MTI Film's Control Dailies will capture the color-corrected HD 4:4:4 media, as well as essential metadata, including an ASC compliant color decision list (CDL). Control Dailies will also generate SD proxies from the HD 4:4:4 media.

The synchronization and output of video deliverables with pre-configured aspect ratio conversions, mattes and windows will be demonstrated at the MTI Film booth, SL3710. The system will also generate Avid Log Exchange (ALE) files from the database including CDL metadata.

Concurrently, MTI Film's CONVEY will be working in the background, preparing DVDs and other file-based deliverables. Thus deliverables will be ready as soon as dailies processing is complete.

The workflow represented in this demonstration marks a significant improvement over traditional dailies processing methodologies as it allows the entire process, from scanning to delivery, to occur in a file-based environment. It allows for several processes, including the production of deliverables, to occur simultaneously, resulting in considerable time savings. Additionally, the process facilitates the production of dailies directly from 2K scans, resulting in optimal image quality.

"This new workflow is an additional breakthrough for post houses using Control Dailies, allowing them to process dailies at the peak of productivity," said MTI Film CEO Larry Chernoff. "Redundancies have been eliminated and routine tasks have been automated. Best of all, it enables post houses to deliver a higher quality product to its clients and aid in the creative process."