MTI Film to Preview Avid DNxHD Codec for CONVEY at NAB

Providence, RI - March 21, 2008 - At the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in April, MTI Film, a world leading developer of tools used in digital film restoration, digital film mastering and digital dailies processing, will preview a new module for CONVEY, its dailies deliverables solution via support of the Avid DNxHD® codec. The new module marks a significant advance in the processing of digital dailies by automating the creation of file-based deliverables in mastering-quality HD media at standard definition bandwidth rates. The module is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2008.

A sister application to Control Dailies, MTI Films' revolutionary dailies processing solution, CONVEY works in the background during dailies sessions, creating digital deliverables automatically. The new module, powered by the Avid DNxHD codec, allows post production facilities to provide their clients with MFX-wrapped Avid DNxHD media that can be directly imported into an Avid editing system without the need for a tape intermediate.

"This new feature of CONVEY will make dailies workflows more efficient," said Donald McClure, President of MTI Film. "There is no longer a need to generate tape elements, or to import tape elements, in order to gain the advantages of Avid DNxHD."

The Avid DNxHD codec, which is gaining wide adoption for HD production, delivers HD media files with the image quality of 8- to 10-bit uncompressed HD media but at a bandwidth of standard-definition video files. The codec allows users to work in HD in real-time, whether using local storage or shared storage in collaborative workflows.

"We're excited to have MTI Film on board as another partner supporting the Avid DNxHD codec," said Ken Miles, Avid's Director of Third Party Business Development. "We've seen a tremendous uptick in the number of partners that are implementing the Avid DNxHD codec into their solution. We're glad to see that MTI has found an optimal way to use the codec to make it easier for customers to save time and money associated with the digital mastering and digital dailies process."

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