MTI Film to preview Control Color at NAB

Color Corrector Facilitates Dailies Processing Without a Telecine

Providence, RI - April 2, 2008 - At the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters Convention, MTI Film will preview the latest addition to its groundbreaking Control Dailies suite of products.

Control Color is a primary color corrector that can be used to color correct dailies in a non-linear environment directly from a film scanner or any digital acquisition medium. Control Color eliminates the need for a telecine system and thus dramatically reduces the cost of establishing a dailies processing workflow. For facilities with existing telecine systems, Control Color will free those resources for more profitable use.

"When MTI Film introduced Control Dailies, it revolutionized dailies processing in telecine suites; now Control Color has pushed the revolution a step further by taking dailies processing out of the telecine suite entirely," said MTI Film Senior Vice President/CTO Kevin Manbeck. "Control Color enables a whole new paradigm. Facilities no longer need to tie up telecine suites with dailies work."

Key features of Control Color include an integrated still store, a track-ball control panel and the ability to import and export color decision lists (CDLs). MTI Film will be previewing Control Color, as well as its other products, in Booth SL3710.