MTI Film Debuts RED Camera Support for Control Dailies

Los Angeles, CA - August 6, 2008 - MTI Film will bring its Control Dailies workflow to productions using RED cameras, announced MTI CEO Larry Chernoff. MTI Control Dailies enables faster-than-real-time transfer from film, VTRs, or 2k DPX files to HD and SD, and includes audio synchronization, and output to tape or file-based deliverables. "Our Control Dailies customers have greeted this news with great enthusiasm," comments Chernoff. "They're excited by the prospect that Control Dailies will soon introduce a RED camera workflow that is as efficient and versatile as the ones they currently enjoy for telecine, DPX, and VTR dailies."

The RED camera has revolutionized high-resolution digital filmmaking, and a wide range of cinematographers and directors have gravitated to using it. Among the most recent projects shot with the RED camera are "Dark Country" with cinematographer Geoff Boyle, director Stefan Soderbergh's "The Informant" and Peter Jackson's "Crossing the Line."

The RED camera is an innovative technology that is making consistent inroads into the production world," says Chernoff. "We will provide post production companies the means to be an important partner in that process."

MTI Film's Control Dailies, which encompasses all facets of the dailies process, whether a project is shot on film, video or data, is a concurrent workflow that frees colorists to focus on creativity rather than administration.

MTI will begin work on the new RED SDK "as soon as next week," states Chernoff, "and we're aiming for first quarter 2009 delivery."