Ones and Zeros Enters South American Restoration Market with Correct DRS™

Ones and Zeros has recently put Peru on the map as a center for film restoration, with the acquisition of the Correct DRS™ restoration system and plans to expand to a 10-seat facility. Founder Hugo Pallete wanted to move the company in this direction because he saw that libraries, archives and new productions throughout the Americas continue to look for low-cost, high-skilled workforces to complete large restoration products, but they had very few options in South America.

"I saw an opportunity." says Pallete, "with so many libraries in need of restoration for preservation or re-release on new formats like Blu-ray, everyone is looking for a low-cost way to get the job done. In Peru, we already have a talented, highly creative workforce of still image specialists and I was sure that it would be easy to transfer these skills to motion pictures."

"We also have the advantage of being in the same hemisphere as our customers." Pallete notes, "This saves time and money when shipping physical assets - we're only half a day away from starting to clean the first frame. We're even in the same time zone, which keeps the feedback loop responsive."

Moving into restoration was more than a business decision for Pallete, it was also an opportunity to fill a cultural need. "There is more work to be done than there are people to do it. Take Mexico, there are so many libraries that still need to be restored. And some of these are iconic films and television shows I remember from my childhood. It's very important that they be preserved and it would be an honor to help do that and to keep them available to future generations. I like the idea that by being in the restoration business, I am helping with that."

One reason Pallete made Correct DRS™ the choice for his facility is because it is easy to learn and to operate, so he could take advantage of the creative employees he already had. "I think you get higher quality results when you work with people who have a background in still or moving images than if you have to bring in computer experts to run the software. It was so simple to get my people up to speed on how to use it, it was a piece of cake." The simple software interface also enables Pallete's low-cost business model, "I can have levels, so I can have a lot of junior staff do the bulk of the basic work and then pass it on to a more experienced person to handle complex defects and do a QC pass."

"We are so pleased to be working with Hugo and to have Ones and Zeros be the standard bearer for Correct DRS™ in Central and South America," enthuses MTI Film's CEO Larry Chernoff. "We can see from Hugo's planning and efforts at the outset that this will be a tremendous success and we're excited to be his partner in this new chapter."

Correct DRS™ has been the industry standard for high quality digital film restoration for over a decade. With the recent release of version 8, the Correct DRS™ suite of software restoration tools has expanded to include a 3 Layer Registration module for mis-aligned YCM separation materials and new tools to tackle gate hair and other persistent debris. These join the comprehensive toolset, including automated and manual tools for correcting dust, debris, scratches, flicker, warp and other common problems seen during restoration, remastering and dustbusting.

Ones and Zeros
Based in Los Angeles, with offices and a complete post-production/animation facility in Peru, Ones & Zeros ( has unique capabilities to tackle the most challenging projects in the US and the rest of the world. The team at Ones & Zeros has over 100 years of experience in advertising, has produced over $200 million in commercials, music videos, television specials, features and live events worldwide. The new restoration division offers an even broader service platform for their clients.

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