MTI Film to Debut CONVEY Support for Blu-ray, DNxHD and DPX at NAB

Automated Dailies Deliverables Solution Also Features New GUI

PROVIDENCE, RI—March 13, 2008— At NAB 2009, MTI Film will debut three new modules for its automated dailies deliverables solution Convey for Control Dailies that support the production of dailies deliverables in Blu-ray, DNxHD and DPX formats.   Additional modules to support QuickTime and ProRes will be introduced later in the year.  The new modules are aimed at facilitating dailies screenings and editorial processes.

MTI Film will be demonstrating Convey and other products at booth SL11116.

Introduced by MTI Film last year, Convey marked a significant advance in dailies processing by automating the production of file-based deliverables. Designed to run as an adjunct of MTI Film’s Control Dailies dailies processing system, Convey delivers huge time savings for post houses by allowing the processing of dailies and the production of deliverables to proceed concurrently.

In its original configuration, Convey supported dailies deliverables on DVD, the most popular format for dailies screenings. The new support for Blu-ray addresses the growing preference for screening dailies in that format. As with the DVD module, Convey’s Blu-ray module includes the ability to apply chapter stops to each camera take. Users can access takes in random order and sort them based on such criteria as camera, location and scene.

“Rather than having to fast forward through a long tape, or shuttle back and forth to find a particular take, users can instantly call up precisely the take they want,” explained MTI Film Product Manager David McClure. “It’s more than a convenience; it’s a boon to the creative process.”

Convey’s new support for DNxHD and DPX file formats aids the editorial process by facilitating the rapid delivery of source media in formats directly accessible by the most commonly used editing systems. “The files output by Convey include the metadata and the MXF wrapper,” McClure noted. “The user simply drops the files into the editor and begins editing right away.”

Additionally, MTI Film has developed a new user interface for Convey. It allows the user to check the status of a project at a glance. Projects can be instantly reviewed, modified or repeated. Other new features include the ability to add multiple render nodes for projects requiring a large number of deliverables, or deliverables in multiple formats