MTI Film Opens New Facility

MTI Film has recently moved to a new, larger facility and expanded its services offerings to include Television, Film and Commercial Post-Production. CEO Larry Chernoff has put together an experienced team of experts to oversee the cutting-edge technology MTI has assembled to create a unique all-digital workflow. Executive Producer Barbara Marshall, Director of Operations Barry Goldscher and Technical Director Dan Aguilar lead the team that includes such talent as Steve Porter, Garth O’Donnell and John Stevens.

The facility has already delivered the first season of TNT’s runaway hit Rizzoli and Isles and is currently working on the first season of CBS’s courtroom drama The Defenders. Both shows were technologically challenging due to the myriad of cameras used to shoot each day, including RED, ARRI, Sony F23, Sony EX1/EX3, Canon 5D/7D, GoPro Video, Phantom, and Nanoflash.

With their history as a respected vendor to the post-production industry, MTI Film is in a unique position as it enters the services market. “Having such a large and experienced R&D staff in house is a tremendous advantage, “ says Marshall, “Especially with the proliferation of new cameras. We’re able to be exceptionally responsive to whatever a client throws our way, even mid-season.” And while it may seem like an unusual move, Chernoff believes strongly that it is the most logical step in the evolution of the company, “We are a team of ‘obsessors’ who want to help the industry move forward. The most logical intersection of our technological, business and creative paths was to grow into a services provider. The symbiotic relationship between our commercially available software and the services we offer produces enormous benefit to customers on both sides of the business.”

Cheif Engineer John Stevens believes, “A large part of our success so far is due to the fact that we were able to build a facility from scratch using the best of the current technologies and fit together a workflow that isn’t hamstrung by any legacy equipment.”

MTI’s facility boasts an adaptable infrastructure with 5.1 Dolby sound and Davio-calibrated plasma monitors in every room, as well as a KVM framework that allows any station to perform any function. Aguilar notes, “This can benefit MTI’s clients in a number of ways, including the fact that an editor and a colorist can work alongside each other in the same room, while sitting with a client.” The facility boasts support for both Avid and Final Cut Pro, thanks to the flexibility afforded by positioning Control Dailies and Convey at the start of the process, allowing for editorial freedom of choice on each production. Final color is completed using the latest Nucoda Film Master from Digital Vision. Stevens observes, “The workflow is stunning, we’ve really pushed it right to the edge.”