MTI Film Advances Collaborative Restoration with New Correct DRS™ PixelStax History

HOLLYWOOD, CA: Correct DRS™, the industry leading digital restoration software from MTI Film has developed a new History format to allow better collaboration among artists across the room or across the globe.  The new PixelStax feature will be included in Correct DRS™ Version 10, releasing during Summer 2011.

PixelStax was born out of the need for facilities to share work among artists and operators of varying skill levels or in multiple locations.  With this new history format, entry-level operators can complete an initial round of dustbusting then pass on the work for review by an expert artist or by Quality Control, along with the full history and metadata from the original work.  This gives the user completing the second pass complete access to the history undo functions within Correct DRS™, even if their station is not on the same SAN or network as the original user.  This model can be extended to cover work sub-contracted to another facility or even outsourced overseas.

PixelStax also offers benefits for installations already using a shared work environment.  Multiple users can access the same clips concurrently, so expert artists can review sections as they are being completed and take on more difficult problems as they are found.  

As Bridgid O’Donnell, Production Manager for Restoration Services observes, “Work can now be easily divided and re-divided among a varying number of artists as needed.  This allows work to be passed around more efficiently when different skills are required or when certain sections of a reel just require more hands.”  Larry Chernoff, CEO, adds, “Not only are administrative tasks reduced, but it really offers the freedom to adapt to the workflow requirements of any given project.”