Join Us June 6 at Sony's DMPC


MTI Film is proud to be a participating workflow partner at Sony's new Digital Motion Picture Center (DMPC) at Sony Pictures Studios. The Center offers hands-on training for directors, cinematographers and other professionals in the film and television production industries on the use of the company’s F65 CineAlta camera and the production workflows supporting this new, state-of-the art digital acquisition system.

On June 6, MTI Film will be demonstrating its new Cortex family of products at the inaugural F65 Training Workshop.  Cortex is MTI Film’s new platform that brings coherence and portability to the process of managing digital assets from the set to the screen. Based on MTI Film’s decade of experience developing file-based workflow solutions - Control Dailies and Convey - the Cortex family of products addresses the challenges that have cropped up in the rapidly changing landscape of post-production technology.   Cortex products support playback/review, color decisions, transcoding, on-set dailies and more for Sony F65 and SRMASTER footage, as well as all digital camera formats. 

The DMPC will be offering introductory F65 classes every Wednesday from 9:30 am - 4 pm.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Belinda S Merritt at