EPS-Cineworks Selects MTI Film’s Cortex::Control Dailies for On-Set/Near-Set Dailies Processing

Leading post-production and editorial rental company will offer Cortex::Control Dailies as a dailies processing solution for feature and television productions. 

MTI Film today announces that EPS-Cineworks a division of Cineworks Digital Studios, Inc. a leading supplier of post production services, editorial systems and related technology to feature and television productions, has become the first editorial rental service to purchase its groundbreaking on-set/near-set dailies solution, Cortex::Control Dailies. Cineworks is licensing the software for its new fleet of Digital Cinema Dailies systems (DCD), providing productions a complete, integrated solution for dailies processing.

EPS-Cineworks conducted a thorough review of file-based dailies processing products and determined that Cortex::Control Dailies offered the broadest toolset and a superior workflow. “In terms of color management and editorial toolset, Cortex was clearly superior,” said Cineworks CEO Vincent Hogan. “Its ability to transcode in the background made it stand out, when time is of the essence.” 

Cortex::Control Dailies provides a new revenue stream for EPS-Cineworks by enabling it to offer dailies processing in tandem with its core editorial services. “We are very pleased that EPS-Cineworks has selected Cortex::Control Dailies and believe that it will help to establish them as leaders in the growing field of on-set and near-set dailies,” said MTI Film CEO Larry Chernoff. 

During its evaluation process, EPS-Cineworks employed Cortex::Control Dailies to process dailies for an ABC pilot. “It was a seamless and flawless process that delivered dailies on-time every day, with full color-correction, metadata, and multiple deliverables,” Hogan said. “The software isn’t just efficient, it’s also intuitive. We put one dailies technician on the show and he was up and running in no time.”Cortex::Control Dailies is a complete dailies solution, featuring tools for on-set playback, color correction, audio/picture synchronization, metadata management, and transcoding. The system supports all popular camera formats and provides an intuitive, streamlined workflow for the production of dailies editorial and screening media.