MTI Film Opens Up Cortex::Convey Render Engine With XML API


The popular and powerful Convey transcoding engine now includes a published API for use with command line scripts, render farms, custom GUIs and cross-application integration.

With the release of Cortex v 1.2 at NAB 2013, MTI Film is publishing an XML API for its popular Convey transcoding engine.  This API can be used to create custom automation and cross-application integrations for transcoding all of Cortex’s supported formats.  

In addition, the XML API can be used to define all of the image and audio processing parameters available in Cortex.  Image processing features include resizing, colorspace conversions, color correction, and 3D LUTs plus custom text, timecode and other metadata burn-ins. Audio processing includes the ability to mix and map audio channels and define an offset from the start of the associated picture.  Clips can also be trimmed with in and out points or spliced together to form a continuous sequence in XML.

“Customers have been asking for a standalone transcoding application ever since the release of Control Dailies and Convey Enterprise.” notes Belinda S. Merritt, Director of Business Development. “ With Cortex v1.0, we delivered on this.  We got a lot of positive feedback about the simplicity of the GUI, but what stood out to many people was the speed and quality of the transcoding, so people started thinking about how else they could use it..”

“Our Cortex applications have UI’s that are highly tuned for certain use cases. When more technically inclined users wanted the ability to further leverage Cortex::Convey we pointed them to our existing API and then worked to clean it up a bit so we can commit to keeping it stable for future releases” explains David McClure, VP of Product Development.   “We use the same API in our Cortex products, so it supports the same features and performance.”

Beginning with v 1.2, the XML API will ship standard with any seat of Cortex::Convey or Cortex::Control Dailies.