NAB 2013: MTI Film's Ambitious Line Up of Technology Demos

MTI Film will have its strongest and broadest presence ever at NAB this year as it introduces its newly-extended and enhanced line of Cortex solutions. It will also be working with technology partners from across the spectrum to showcase a host of exciting new ways for productions to work smarter and faster.

At its booth in South Hall Lower (SL15510) MTI Film will be demonstrating the full line of its Cortex::Control Dailies dailies processing and post workflow management solutions and Cortex::Convey transcoding solutions. That will include the new Cortex::Control Dailies Free Edition, a starter dailies product with features for playback, synchronization, color correction and transcoding.

MTI Film will be joined at its booth by several of its technology partners. Among them will be Aberdeen LLC, who will be showcasing Aberdailies, its custom-built server hardware designed to support Cortex::Control Dailies in on-set and near-set environments.

Bright Technologies will demonstrate Cortex::Control Dailies on its new Astella product, a SAN-in-a-box designed for smaller footprint installations requiring high-bandwidth shared storage.

CacheIO will be showing its high bandwidth FA140 flash storage array, which can be used with Cortex::Control Dailies to stream up to 9 concurrent uncompressed 4K streams, with no performance loss.

Fusion-io will show how its super-fast iofx flash storage device can be used in tandem with Cortex to accelerate encoding and transcoding operations.

MTI Film will also be showing (In association with Rovi Corporation’s Mainconcept) its forthcoming integration of the H.265/HEVC.

Additionally, MTI Film will be participating in technology demonstrations sponsored by Digital Vision (SL14518), Canon (C3628, C4325), 1 Beyond (SL07423) and Aberdeen LLC (N4919). Digital Vision will be demonstrating Cortex integration for its Nucoda grading platforms. It supports the setting of looks and exporting of stills with complete CDL and metadata for set-through-post coherency. At the Canon booth, MTI will be demonstrating GPU debayering of raw Canon C500 footage.

1 Beyond will be demonstrating Cortex::Control Dailies on its turnkey 1 Beyond Super Wrangler on- or near-set workstation. It features a portable, rugged chassis with built-in 21" screen and keyboard, and features a built-in raid array, LTO-6 and RED-, Sony-, ARRI- and Canon-card readers.

MTI Film CEO Larry Chernoff will conduct a technology session titled “The Post Puzzle (And Solutions)” as part of NAB 2013’s popular educational series in the HPA Post Pit. Chernoff will discuss new options for the acquisition, post-production and delivery of digital media, and share success stories from productions that have maximized opportunities for flexibility and cooperation. The session will occur on Monday, April 8 at 11:00 a.m. at Booth SL15708.

Additionally, MTI Film will conduct a Social Media Raffle for a free license of Cortex::Control Dailies. Anyone can participate in the raffle through Twitter simply by mentioning “@MTIFilm” and one of these tags - #Cortex, #Dailies or #Transcoding during the NAB 2013 exhibit period, April 8-11.