MTI Film Debuts “StreamViewer,” Cortex iPad App for Streaming Dailies

At NAB 2013, MTI Film today announces the release of a new application for its Cortex product line that allows dailies media to be streamed directly to iPad tablets. Available free from the Apple App Store, MTI Film’s StreamViewer for Cortex makes the process of reviewing dailies simple, convenient and faster than ever—dailies media is ready for playback as soon as it is synced and graded.

MTI Film is demonstrating StreamViewer and other Cortex products at Booth SL15510

MTI Film developed StreamViewer in association with Germany’s CinePostproduction, developer of the popular COPRA app. MTI Film’s Cortex::Control Dailies system is used to stream high-definition dailies over a wi-fi network to Cortex-equipped iPad devices. Users can review clips, zoom in on individual shots, and add annotations and comments that can be streamed back to the production team. The app is simple to set up and use, and includes log-in and encryption features for security.

“With iPads now a ubiquitous presence on sets, we believe that Cortex users will find StreamViewer to be a great convenience and an exceptional way to view camera media,” says MTI Film Vice President of Development David McClure. “It makes it easy for anyone to view dailies, and to do it at a time and place of their choosing. The collaborative tools are a great boon to creative interaction and quality control.”

MTI Film’s Cortex::Control Dailies is an all-in-one dailies processing solution offering a suite of powerful tools for camera media playback, color, synchronization and transcoding. It is available in five editions, Starter, DP, Pro, Studio and Ultimate, with features tailored to different types of users including cinematographers, DITs, on-set/near-set post production operations, visual effects houses and post production facilities.