A Commitment to Codecs

Whether you use CORTEX for efficient, high quality dailies, to help manage your media and metadata from set through post, as a flexible and powerful transcoding engine… or all three… it’s important that you are able to handle any input file that comes your way and deliver to spec every time. With a constantly evolving world of cameras, preferred mezzanine and archive formats and delivery platforms, what works for you today may suddenly not be enough tomorrow.  That’s why MTI Film is committed to working with our partners to ensure you can work with all the formats you need before you even need to.

CORTEX supports all popular cameras from ARRI, RED, Sony, Canon, Phantom, Blackmagic, GoPro and more. CORTEX can generate every flavor of editorial for Avid or Final Cut Pro; VFX pulls and archival are covered with full resolution DPX and OpenEXR files. And CORTEX can generate review and delivery formats from H.264 to high quality ProRes with custom burn-ins and packaging.

MTI Film has recently added and expanded file format and codec support in CORTEX to include:

ProRes 4444 XQ - This high quality, high bit rate format can capture and preserve detail in dynamic ranges several times greater than the dynamic range of Rec. 709 imagery and is already supported by the ARRI Alexa camera.

Expanded Sony XAVC support - CORTEX has supported Sony’s XAVC format since it’s introduction in 2013.  As this format, based on MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, has become more popular, CORTEX has worked to improve decoding speeds and give users more access and control over metadata settings such as Exposure, Tint and Kelvin.

Phantom packed and unpacked - CORTEX now exposes all metadata settings for both packed and unpacked Phantom cine files, giving you more flexibility while maintaining accuracy from onset.

Broadcast WAV standalone deliverable - Now you can export a standalone broadcast WAV file with unique channel mappings.

And coming soon:

JPEG2000 & HEVC -  Now in BETA.  We’re adding support in CORTEX for these formats commonly used for delivering to DCPs and professional online streaming services in UHD/4K.