Media Management for The Cutting Room

CORTEX has already seen wide adoption as the simplest and most powerful tool for dailies on set, near set and in facilities. But it's also becoming a powerful tool for Assistant Editors, thanks to its impressive media and metadata management features.

The cutting room was historically the central hub for camera media, but as video and data replaced film, post facilities with resources like VTRs and massive SANs stepped in to manage the process.  Now that digital data has matured, it has freed post up to happen anywhere, anytime.

But that freedom has brought new challenges - dailies, creative editorial, assembly and finishing may happen in multiple, separate locations. OCN, dailies, editorial, rough cuts, VFX… many generations of media must be created and managed across these different locations for high quality, cost-effective post.

Now with CORTEX, Assistant Editors can take control back in the cutting room.  CORTEX’s powerful media management system allows  the AE to track media throughout the editorial process, including dailies, editorial, pulls and more. Even if dailies are done on-set, the CORTEX Manifest can faithfully reproduce all metadata, including color, scene/take/camera info, sync point and even MD5 checksums to ensure file integrity.

If you’d like to know more about how CORTEX can help in your cutting room, try it out or contact MTI Film ( for more information