NAB 2014 NEWS: MTI Film to Launch New 64-bit Restoration Software DRS™Nova

Successor to MTI Film’s industry standard Correct DRS™ software, the new product represents the next step forward in digital restoration.

HOLLYWOOD—March 18, 2014— At NAB 2014, MTI Film will introduce DRS™Nova, a new digital restoration software that is the successor to Correct DRS™, which has served as the industry’s standard for digital film restoration for more than 20 years. DRS™Nova represents a new milestone in digital film restoration, combining native 64-bit processing, resolution independence and a file-based architecture to deliver a leap forward in performance, flexibility and power.

DRS™Nova provides all of the features of Correct DRS™, including its tools for noise and grain removal, paint, flicker correction and general defect repairs. It also offers improved tools for scratch removal, de-warping, image stabilization and 3 layer registration. New features include tools for managing projects more efficiently and for sharing and tracking comments. 

“DRS™Nova is a demonstration of MTI Film’s ongoing commitment to advancing the state of the art for digital film restoration,” said MTI Film CEO Larry Chernoff. “This new product offers the performance post production operations need to achieve maximum production efficiency at resolutions up to 4K and beyond.”

DRS™Nova has been in beta testing for several months and is currently being used on several film restoration projects. MTI Film plans a general release shortly after NAB.

Users of Correct DRS™ with current service contracts are eligible to upgrade to DRS™Nova at no cost. Those users are also able to purchase permanent licenses for Correct DRS™ at reduced cost in order to have continued access to video features, such as VTR I/O.

MTI Film’s original DRS™ software, released in 1997, was the industry’s first digital restoration software. It revolutionized the process of restoring films by providing an integrated suite of sophisticated tools for addressing dust, debris, scratches, mold, warping and a host of other problems quickly and seamlessly. MTI Film software is currently used worldwide by motion picture studios, post production facilities, film archives and others seeking to restore motion pictures, documentaries and other archival material to pristine quality. Recent films that have been restored using MTI Film software include Lawrence of Arabia, Richard III, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Taxi Driver, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

At NAB 2014, MTI Film will demonstrate DRS™Nova and other products at Booth SL15510. 


What’s New

Job Management

  • Create Jobs with corresponding Bin Folders to help organize your project
  • Improved Bin Management with extended information and comment facility

Bookmark Comments

  • Unlimited comments on a clip's timeline
  • Export as text file for use in popular programs

Native 64 Bit

  • Windows 7 64-bit OS
  • Faster operation with extended memory

Evolutionary GUI

  • Familiar GUI for ease of transition from Correct DRS™ to DRS™NOVA

OpenEXR Support

Resolution independence

Scratch Tool

  • New setting for automatic Light or Dark scratch detection
  • New graphic overlay on Navigator mirrors tool palette for faster fixes

Dewarp Tool

  • 2x faster than previous version
  • Extended graphs for horizontal and vertical results
  • Swap function for fast head and tail shot correction

Stabilization Tool

  • 2x faster than previous version
  • Extended Box and Motion search Area


  • New “Create” function for more precise grain replacement throughout toolset

3 Layer Tool

  • Preview current frame only and show existing values on surrounding frames