NOVA has Exploded!


NOVA has exploded

MTI Film is incredibly excited at the rapid adoption rate of our next generation digital film restoration package, DRS™NOVA. Our long-time Correct DRS™ customers have jumped at the chance to improve the speed and efficiency of their file-based workflows and the power of extended memory and true resolution independence has attracted new fans.

“After many years of rock-solid performance from Correct DRS™, expectations for NOVA were very high -- and it delivers. From the fast, intuitive interface to best-of-breed toolset, NOVA is not only the most versatile weapon in our arsenal, it's the core of our restoration strategy. There's a human element to it that simply isn't present in competing products. Somehow it seems to be an extension of the artist: incredibly powerful, but never cumbersome. Combined with MTI's incredible customer support, NOVA was an easy choice.” - The Criterion Criterion

“The NOVA software performance is excellent we are now able to get 4k work done faster and now we can work on even higher resolution jobs 5k and beyond.” - Fotokem 

Based on the two decades of knowledge and experience we’ve gained from Correct DRS™, NOVA makes the evolutionary leap into the modern reality of 4K, 6K and even 8K workflows. Harnessing the power of Windows 64, NOVA allows users to apply our unique processing algorithms for everything from dust, debris and scratches to warping and 3-layer registration issues to any project with timely, high-quality results.

We’ve also added a few new weapons to the restoration arsenal:

  • New Project Management features help streamline clip and media management 
  • Now you can add custom Grain back in to any shots or frames 
  • Expanded Bookmarks capabilities for better team management and reporting 
  • Improvements to Dewarp, Scratch, Stabilization and 3 Layer Registration tools 
  • New view modes to create the perfect work and review space 
  • OpenEXR file support

And we’re not stopping there! MTI continues to roll our R&D breakthroughs into the toolset, with new features and tools on the way, including:

  • Version on version - for more fine-tuned, non-permanent testing of various filter settings 
  • New Color Breathing tool to remove color-based flicker and “breathing”

Learn more about the new NOVA - check out What’s New or take it for a test drive now!