MTI Film Adds Lasergraphics Scanner

New tool promises to boost efficiency and quality of material worked on in Restoration.

The Director high-speed film scanner from Lasergraphics

The Director high-speed film scanner from Lasergraphics

MTI Film’s restoration division has gotten a significant boost through the acquisition of a Lasergraphics Director high-speed film scanner. The system can perform high resolution, pin-registered scanning from virtually any film source and includes cutting edge features for safely handling film, managing warpage and detecting dust, scratches and other common artifacts. It’s an ideal tool for restoration and remastering projects, especially those destined for HDR, Blu-ray or other high-resolution delivery.

MTI Film exhaustively tested several leading film scanners and found Director to be the clear winner. “It delivered a level of detail not present in other scanners, especially with color film,” recalls Head of Restoration Wojtek Janio. “It also offered greater flexibility in terms of its ability to handle both film negative and print film.”

The Director has a proprietary pressure plate to flatten warped film. Its unique double- and triple-flash scanning option for extraordinary results in capturing shadow detail in print film.

MTI Film is currently using the Lasergraphics Director in restoring the 1931 Paramount Pictures drama Confessions of a Co-ed. Directed by David Burton and Dudley Murphy, the film is notable for a rare onscreen performance by the Rhythm Boys (Bing Crosby, Harry Barris and Al Rinker).