5 Things You Didn't Know About DRS Nova

DRS Nova is a powerful restoration program containing a full suite of automated and manual tools to fix everything from common dust and dirt to catastrophic image tears and warping. But no matter the experience level, there are always features a user may not know about that could unlock an entirely new user experience.

Here are 5 things you may not have known about DRS Nova!

1. Freeform Undo


Back by Popular Demand, pressing CTRL while using the mouse to Right-Click and Lasso a fix, allows you to once again undo fixes with discrete flexibility.  Extremely helpful if you change your mind about a fix later on down the line.

2. Grain Management

Nova’s Grain Reduction tool can not only reduce the grain, but it can recreate the organic grain pattern of the original material, providing a number of controls to replicate grain patterns and apply them at user determined intensity.  This function creates fixes that blend in more seamlessly with surrounding objects.

3. Grain Presets

While in either the DRS or Paint tools, the user can select and apply grain presets determined by the settings in the Grain Tool.



4. Color Breathing

Color Breathing repairs fluctuations between color channels and global flicker due to aging emulsion. By analysing the errors and presenting them as a graph, the user can define keyframes to be used for correcting the errors.

5. Subpixel Stabilization

To stabilize your image on an x and y axis you can choose to use subpixel or full pixel correction.  For rotation, with a 2nd tracking point, subpixel correction makes fractional rotation fixes more precise.