Home Grown

Online editors Kyle Gleisner and Andrew Miller are the latest examples of MTI Film’s penchant for nurturing young artists.

MTI Film has a tradition of developing talent from within. The company hires young people with a passion for post production, and offers them the guidance and opportunity to make good on their ambitions. “We provide aspiring talent with a strong foundation to build careers,” explains CEO Larry Chernoff. “They learn the business from the ground up and are encouraged to pursue their particular field of interest.”

Kyle Gleisner and Andrew Miller are MTI Film’s most recent success stories. Both Kyle, who joined the company in 2013,and Andrew, who came aboard in 2015, started out in the vault and worked their way up through various departments and assistantships. Kyle has been an online editor since late 2014 while Andrew was more recently promoted and both have since been involved in finishing such shows as Outlander, The Affair, Bates Motel, The Magicians, Major Crimes and Outcast.

MTI Film’s boutique size and high profile clientele makes for the perfect environment to learn and advance quickly. “It feels like we’re family; we know each other well, and work very closely,” says Kyle. “That’s great when you are developing skills. It also benefits our clients, because we take a strong, personal interest in their projects.”

Kyle is originally from Michigan and studied cinematography and film production at Wayne State University. Andrew grew up in the Bay Area before relocating to Southern California to study filmmaking at L.A. City College.

When he first started working at MTI Film, Andrew spent many of his off hours hanging out in editing rooms, learning from senior staff. “Everyone was willing to let me shadow them,” he recalls. “We have insanely talented people here who have been working at the industry’s highest level for a long time.”

Andrew quickly discovered that he had an affinity for editing. “It’s fun to be involved in the creation of great television shows,” he says. “I’m also a technical person and I love the nitty gritty of post, making sure that the technical specs are where they are supposed to be and that shows are mastered for the highest broadcast possibility.

Chernoff is impressed with the dedication of both young men. “Kyle and Andrew had some university training that helped them out quite a bit when they entered a professional environment,” Chernoff observes. “They’re both intelligent, ambitious and anxious to get ahead. I expect they’ll have long and productive careers.”