MTI Film provides world class digital film restoration services to studios and libraries who need the highest quality work delivered on time and on budget. Our team of experienced restoration artists use DRS™NOVA to remove all types of defects - ranging from warping, color breathing, and 3-layer misalignment to dust, dirt and scratches. In addition, we provide expert color correction, editing, and transcoding tools for HD, UHD, and DCP delivery.

MTI Film has restored a number of high-profile titles for studios and libraries, including Lawrence of Arabia, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Taxi Driver, Easy Rider, Richard III, Funny Girl, The Way We Were, You Can't Take It With You, Only Angels Have Wings, Flight of the Phoenix, Man Hunt, 12 O'Clock High and many more.


Lawrence of Arabia

The digitally restored masterpiece was the 2013 winner of the FOCAL International award.

Only Angels Have Wings

The new 4K restoration premiered at the 2014 London Film Festival and is available for purchase from TCM.

Richard III

MTI Film is proud to have played a role in the 4K restoration of the classic film "Richard III."  “Richard III” was restored under the direction of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s EVP of Asset Management, Film Restoration and Digital Mastering Grover Crisp under the auspices of The Film Foundation in cooperation with Janus Films, the BFI National Archive, ITV Studios, MoMA and Romulus Films.

 "Dr. Kevin Manbeck, MTI Film's CTO, who creates the various algorithms used for the software, is remarkable," says Crisp. "They all are very committed to image restoration and solving problems that seem unsolvable."  [full article at Creative Cow]

Funny Girl

The 4K restoration of this Barbara Streisand classic premiered at the 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival

"Jump ahead some twelve years and to how we restore films now and we were able to achieve, I think, what we set out to back then with the look of the film, but this time we did not need to compromise on the quality of the image since we could use the original negative, even where damaged, to restore the film at a full 4K resolution.  With this workflow, we can capture and sustain the image detail that has always been in the negative, but not so visible in the traditional cascade flow of how release prints are made." - Grover Crisp, Executive Vice President of Asset Management, Film Restoration & Digital Mastering at Sony Pictures Entertainment

The Lady From Shanghai

"Although we do have the original camera negative for the film,It has just about everything wrong with it: multiple torn sections in almost every reel, frames missing, scratches that run throughout the film." So  MTI CTO Dr. Kevin Manbeck wrote a new algorithm that was able to fix 70 to 80 percent of the defects. [full interview] in this complex Orson Welles mystery.

Taxi Driver

You Can't Take It With You

Easy Rider

Bridge On The River Kwai

In Like Flint

Mysterious Island

Flight of the Phoenix

All The Kings Men

Twelve O'Clock High

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