MTI HQ UpRes for UHD/4K

MTI Film offers comprehensive image processing services  to our clients, including UHD/4K UpRes of existing footage. Our proprietary algorithm has been judged the best in head-to-head comparisons by major studios. We work with our clients to determine the ideal settings for specific projects so the finished output is completely optimized.

MTI Film’s research team has developed an unparalleled upres algorithm to convert content in any resolution to UHD or Full 4K. Whether working on an existing library or current HD or 2K originated material, MTI Film’s UpRes can help you meet the growing demand for 4K distribution across every channel.

MTI Samsung UpRes for UHD/4K

MTI Film and Samsung have collaborated to provide the best of class algorithm for converting from HD to UHD.  After 18 months of hard work, our developers satisfied the most intensive scrutiny ever directed at upres technology.

Available How You Need it

MTI Samsung UpRes

Available today as a service from MTI Film with availability as an option for CORTEX Enterprise by NAB 2016.

MTI HQ UpRes in CORTEX Enterprise

MTI HQ UpRes is available for use on all output formats in CORTEX Enterprise, including DPX, OpenEXR and ProRes 4444 XQ. Using MTI HQ UpRes within CORTEX allows you to add color, burns, include synced audio and use the Edit tool to create custom compositions including titles.

Work with MTI

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